Car Chargers A Small Addition to The Shopping Cart

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Car Chargers & Nokia Chargers – A Small Addition to The Shopping Cart; A Big Difference in Life

In this busy work schedule, I hardly find the time or even if I do, I hardly remember to put my mobile phone on charge. Till sometime back, I often used to run into a flat battery and my mobile phone used to get switched off or the battery signal used to turn red. This gets very irritating at times, particularly when I am expecting some important calls.

Then it occurred to me one fine day. While searching for PSP accessories for my son's PSP gaming console, I came across Nokia chargers and car chargers for mobile phones. It did not take me seconds to decide and along with the Sony PSP memory card, I added a car charger and one of the Nokia chargers that was compatible with my Nokia phone.

I am thanking myself to this day. Although there are many Nokia Chargers in my office, for those really unlucky moments (when you find no one has one when you desperately need one), I have kept my Nokia charger at office. Together with my Nokia and car chargers, now I am never out of battery power, even if my car is out of gas.

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Author: Lilly Siena